Misho and Alli were sitting on the edge of the cliff, looking at the small river down there, in the gorge.
–    Dork! – Alli said.
–    No, it’s true! If you want the song to be politically correct, you would have to sing, ‘I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and heterosexually challenged…’ – Misho replied.
She was waving her legs in the air.
–    Dork! – Alli reiterated.
–    That sounds like the sound some animal would make! – Misho discovered. – ‘Dork! Dork-dork-dork!’ A Dorkosaurus! – he said.
–    I love that word! – Alli shared.
–    The Dorkasaurus would mainly eat watermelons and seaweed.
Alli shivered.
–    I hate seaweed. My biggest fears – spiders and seaweed.
–    Seaweed! – Misho responded.
–    Yeah, don’t ask me why.
Misho scratched his nose.
–    So, the Dorkosaurus would spread its wings and try to fly away…
–    Hahaha!
–    But will never be able to, since the wings are too tiny.
–    Ohh! How sad! – Alli looked at the other side of the gorge. A few swifts were flying in and out of the small holes in the cliff.
–    Yes, but they are pretty wings!
–    Oh my gosh! Misho, you are horrible! You are taking the words out of my mouth!
–    Eh, whatever! I have a faster train of thought! Mine is one of those arrow-trains they have in Japan!
–    And what is mine then? – She stopped waving her legs and looked seriously at Misho.
–    Um, a steam-train?
–    Oh, you are mean!
–    I know. – Misho grinned. – Why did we come to that cliff, again? – He looked carefully down, staring at the creek trickling many feet below.
–    Because I love heights! And getting very close to the edge…
–    We are SITTING on it!
–    It is like a rush, because it’s kinda scary… You know, when you’re looking over the cliff and thiiiiiiiiiiis close to falling off… – Her pointer and thumb almost touched.
–    Hahaha! Poor Misho! – Alli waved carelessly her legs in the air, shaking her head left and right in some rhythm, only known to her.
–    I have acrophobia. Grumble!
–    That’s OK, you can fight it. Better have that thing gone when we go to Paris, to the Eiffel tower for our birthdays, though!
–    Oh right! I will need to save some money for that. I better start paying off my credit cards soon! – Misho looked at the small green beetle crawling up a little yellow wild flower. A terrified tiny spider fled the site of invasion.
–    Yeah. I need to get organized. I need help! – Alli said.
–    Yeah, professional help! One-hundred-dollars-an-hour help.
–    Well thanks!
–    I could help for only $99.99! – The elfin spider was already building a new home on a nearby daisy.
–    Oh good, a bargain! My parents will be so proud!
–    You know what? Only for you, young lady, I will make it $59.99 for every thirty minutes!
–    Oooh, really? Just for me?
–    Yessiree! – Misho nodded, jokingly serious, barely hiding his smile.
–    It’s a deal! Here are all of my credit cards. Take them, charge them, copy my signature!
–    Half-full or half-empty?
–    Half-full!
–    Oh, an optimist! – Misho nodded.
–    Shocked?
–    Nah, not shocked… But I am a pessimist, who is a closet optimist.
–    Haha!
–    OK, why is the largest airport in continental Europe in such a comparatively small city? – His eyes were wandering in the sky, following the path of a single eagle, flying far above their heads.
–    What?
–    Frankfurt! It’s a relatively small city.
–    Well that was random!
–    I know. – He yawned. – So I had spaghetti Bolognese today.
–    Yummy!
–    I cooked them. From scratch!
–    Wow!
–    I always cook from scratch! It’s more cooksy. Like ARTsy, but comes from COOK.
–    Aren’t you special! – Alli shrugged. – Ah, well, I try to eat right. I almost succeeded… for one day…
–    Ha! Who eats right?! Only people, who are paid to do so, like superstars…
–    Well I tried!
–    … or Alley McBeal.
–    Calista Flockhart.
–    Yes, she.
–    What about her?
–    She is skinny!
–    Yes she is.
A moment of silence. Alli’s legs were still dancing in the air, waving in a circular motion. Misho closed his eyes for an instant, feeling the sun on his face.
–    So the Dorkosaurus would then, after not being able to fly away, lie in the sun and get tan.
–    A Dorkosaurus with a tan?
–    Yes, it would turn darker green than normal. Just the wings will remain their usual pretty, dappled, variegated, bright colors.
–    Oh, how nice.
–    And it would just reach its arm and grab a pear from a nearby bush. – Misho reached and plucked a small wild strawberry from under some dark-green leaves.
–    Hey, pears grow on trees!
–    Not in THIS story! – He threw the berry up in the air and missed.
–    OK. – Alli followed the flight of the berry to the rocks down beneath.
–    And then the night would come, and the Dorkosaurus would fall asleep under the shade of an apple-pie tree.
–    OK, now that’s ridiculous!
–    Well, why deprive the little animal of an apple pie just because there were no Homo Sapiens Sapiensuses to bake one?
–    Yes, you have a point. – Alli nodded understandingly.
–    So in the morning it would wake up, stretch its legs, arms and flutter with its wings! And have a nice apple pie for breakfast!
–    And quench its thirst with some chocolate milk from a spring!
–    Don’t be silly, there are no chocolate milk springs!
–    Why not, if there are the apple-pie trees?
–    Well, because!
–    Stable reasoning! – Alli threw a small round stone into the creek. They both followed its fall for a couple of seconds. It splashed in the deep middle of the stream.
–    Yes. So that’s how its days would go by, until one day a huge meteorite would fall and kill all living things.
–    Oh, how horrible!
–    Yes, but if that hadn’t happened there would be no people. – Misho shrugged.
–    Oh? How so?
–    Well, the mess created by the meteorite was the primordial soup! And everything else started from there… you know the rest.
–    Right! We learned about that in school.
–    See?
–    Yeah. – Silence. – I wonder what’s for dinner?
–    Chicken Parmesan. The cooks at the cafeteria seem to have some very strict schedule.
–    Yummy, I love that. Let’s go!
–    Let’s.
They left. The small spider had finished its new home and was waiting for a little lost fly to fall its prey.


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